Steve Hillage - Live Herald

Band/Record: Steve Hillage - Live Herald

Label/Matrix: NL 1979 Virgin 300.271

Condition Record/Sleeve: Mint-/Mint-

Extra Info: Fantastic Album In Great Collectible Condition!

Steve Hillage is a great guitar player - this stands above any discussion of his work. As an associate of the Canterbury Scene and a member of Gong, Hillage wrote his name at the annals of prog rock and earned some recognition, but far below than his great talents. On "Live Herald", he shows us his skills as a singer, songwriter and instrumentist, leading three different bands along six different concerts recorded in 1977/1978. I can say that it is a very pleasant live album, full of guitar pyrotechnics setted against a backdrop of excellent musicians, all in a very good recording. Highlights: "The Dervish Riff", "Castle in the Clouds/Hurdy gurdy Man" (yes, the Donovan classic!), "Electrick Gypsies" "Radiom/Lunar Music Suite/Meditation of the Dragon" (which features our hero playing a fantastic riff at the introduction) and "It's All too Much/The Golden Vibe" (the first is a Beatles song, and as usually happens, it is far better than the original). Miquette Giraudy, from Gong, is featured here as synthesist and singer, also playing the infamous "glissando guitar" invented by Daevid Allen. If you are a Canterbury or Gong fan, this album must be in your collection.

Side A:
1. Salmon Song
2. The Dervish Riff - Castle In The Clouds - Hurdy Gurdy Man
Side B:
3. Light In The Sky
4. Searching For The Spark
5. Electrick Gypsies
Side C:
6. Radiom - Lunar Musick Suite - Meditation Of The Dragon
7. It's All Too Much - The Golden Vibe
Side D:
8. Talking To The Sun (studio)
9. 1988 Aktivator (studio)
10. New Age Synthesis (Unzipping The Zype) (studio)
11. Healing Feeling (studio)