Nazareth - Rampant (UK)


Band/Record: Nazareth - Rampant

Label/Matrix: UK 1974 Mountain TOPS 106

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX/EX

Extra Info: U.K HARD ROCK KILLER !! Rare original U.K  press on the Mountain label   EX TOP AUDIO ...

Nazareth's fifth album "Rampant" was released in 1974. Even though it came quickly after "Loud N Proud" the album is different.  Even though Roger Glover once again produced the album the sound is different on "Rampant". Time has been kind to the album, because the sound is very far-seeing and still suits the music. The production is more round and the edges have been polished. Some would characterize it as more slick, but Dan Mcafferty's raw vocals still makes it Nazareth.
 "Rampant" is without any hits even though Shanghai in Shanghai was a single. It's a not a safe album as "Loud N Proud - it is diverse but lacks the outstanding tunes.