Caravan - For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night


Band/Record: Caravan - For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night

Label/Matrix: NL 1973 Pink Elephant PE 877.052

Condition Record/Sleeve: EX/EX+

Extra Info: U.K PROG KILLER !! Rare Dutch pressing on the Pink Elephant label. EX TOP Audio ...

"For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night" marks a return to the CARAVAN sound i know and love. The jazz sounds that influenced "Waterloo Lily" are gone along with Richard Sinclair and Steve Miller who still wanted to pursue that direction. Enter John Perry on bass, and the returning David Sinclair on keyboards after a stint with MATCHING MOLE. The addition of Geoffrey Richardson can't be underestimated,as his viola play brings a fresh sound to the band. Although this is in the mold of their earlier works it does sound lighter,smoother,catchier and maybe more symphonic. I suppose you could say this is Pye Hastings baby now,no not the pregnant lady on the cover,but the band. He writes pretty much all the songs and it's good to hear his brother Jimmy playing the flute on the first track as well as conducting and arranging the woodwind and brass section on that song. "Memory Lain,Hugh/Headloss" has such a good beat to it,with some pastoral sections with flute in between. Some prominant drumming and great guitar melodies. The "Headloss" section is uptempo with guitar,vocals and drums all shining bright. This is great! "Hoedown" features a fast paced melody and vocals to match. The viola is a nice touch. "Surprise,Surprise" is slower paced than the first two songs.This one is light and breezy. The vocals are wonderful,they really make the song. The drumming deserves special mention as well. "C'Thiu Thiu" has a dark,eerie intro and this is contrasted with an uptempo catchy passage. This contrast continues throughout.Organ 4 1/2 minutes in. "The Dog,The Dog,He's At It Again" features whimsical vocals and viola. This is so charming. Haha.... This has such a catchy melody. "Be Alright/Chance Of A Lifetime" is a much more powerful and aggressive song. A nice ripping guitar solo a minute in. The song suddenly slows right down,with reserved vocals and viola. The tempo changes continue. "L'Auberge Du Sanglier/A Hunting We Shall Go/Pengola/Backwards/A Hunting We Shall Go(Reprise)" is the longest track just under 10 minutes. Some wonderful orchestral arrangements in this one. Tempo changes often,and the electric cello is a nice touch. Piano and guitar take the spotlight at separate intervals, and the song ends with an explosion.